Friday, November 11, 2011

Two Faced Turkey

Last night, I went to the Minnesota Watercolor Society meeting, where EmmyWhite was the demonstrator.  Her demonstration was a fun, whimsical painting of turkeys who had been pardoned, and were in a shelter.  There were so many laughs as she told her thought process and basically, became a kid again.  We all need to find the kid within us when we paint, don't you think? I decided to do a turkey painting this morning in homage to Emmy.  It was so fun to play, and I can honestly say that I didn't look up turkeys before sketching this.  I went from my memory.  No surprise by the look of it, right?  It was a stretch and a big risk, but so much fun!!!!  This painting is called Two Faced Turkey.  See the 2 headed turkey in the background?   I really admire Emmy's paintings, and love that she follows her true spirit evey time she paints.  Check out Emmy's paintings at


  1. Good job Karen.a story, for sure. I'm imagining doing a book with no words, or, at least, few words, and then picture stories, like Emmy was talking about. One or two pics per chapter, or more maybe? What a fun project.
    Dick Graves

  2. Hi Karen, I love these turkeys! I was inspired to share your post on FB. They are too much fun! I enjoyed catching up on your other posts too.

  3. I love your paintings. Smart and gorgeous.



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