Thursday, November 10, 2011

Life is good!

I got my 30 minute study done early this morning.  I decided to do wine glasses, since I LOVE a glass of wine with supper each evening.  It's been recommended by my doctor, after my yearly physical that I drink only 3 - 5 glasses per week.  (He didn't mention how BIG that glass was supposed to be, though.....)  So, the daily routine will have to be moderated.  This sketch took about 45 minutes to do, but I was loving the illusionary effect so much that I just allowed myself to take longer than my usual 30 minutes. I'm feeling very inspired today, after spending the day yesterday with my good friend, Suz, going to 3 gallery shows. 


  1. Love it and I love your enthusiasm! Wish we were together today to paint!

  2. Love it!!! and yes, I am going to get on 30 minute studies again. What a great idea. Been painting a tad!



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