Thursday, January 5, 2017

Day 5: 30 Paintings in 30 Days!

"Farm Charm"   $99 (special price during January, 2017) SOLD
Image size:  11" x 14"      Original Watercolor

I'm painting with 3 friends in Celebration, FL.  Karlyn Holman showed us how to begin with a black watercolor pencil, that smears when you wet it.  I still need more practice, but again, Karlyn has inspired me to try new things!
Speaking of Karlyn, you all need to check out her new Ecourse!  "Keeping up with Karlyn".  It's a subscription for online lessons in watercolor and mixed media.
If you are interested in the ecourse and would like to receive the earlybird discount, email orders and the staff will set you up.  Send requests to:  Usually it's only $400, but if you sign up because of reading this blog, you will get a $50 dollar discount!!!  :) :)  This online workshop offers 24 lessons, 20 encore paintings lessons, 11 instructional videos, and a gift bag of selected artist materials.  Karlyn has been one of my mentors for all of my painting journey.  She still inspires me, encouraging me to try new products or techniques.  And FUN is her middle name!!!  I definitely recommend that you sign up!  You have 2 years to complete the lessons at your own pace.  What a deal!



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