Monday, February 1, 2016

Workshop at The Villages, FL

Students with their paintings
The Villages "Paint like Gustav Klimt" workshop
What a wonderful week I had teaching in The Villages! The workshop students were so understanding about my recovering from pneumonia, and instead of me coming around to help them, we had them come up to my desk instead, so I could remain sitting.  It worked like a charm!  This class was such a joy for me to teach.  Positive attitudes and wonderful discoveries during the week.  They were so excited to learn the scraping with a credit card technique, and they even conned me into teaching them "wire drawings".  Loved my time there with these beautiful ladies, and Beverly Hennessey as our host.  She really knows how to make everyone comfortable.


  1. Easy to tell you are a wonderful teacher... look at all that great art! Hope you are better soon :)

  2. Hi Karen - So good to see your work again in another 30in30! My parents live in the Villages and I would love to do a class there. I did one there years ago, but lost the contact info. If you could please send me a name and contact info. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much for your time / P.S. Love the wet-in-wet watercolors you've been doing for the challenge.



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