Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Wire Drawing #11, "Highest Power"

"Highest Power"  7" x 10" ink drawing on paper, $75
I'm still catching up after a whirlwind of trips that were back to back. I did this wire drawing while I was on the plane to Florida.  It grabbed the attention of the lady next to me on the plane.  She was asking me all kinds of questions about the process.  I used Faber Castell permanent markers, because they are archival AND they don't smell.  I could never use anything that smelled on a plane.  Just another example of time on a plane that is not wasted.  I used to do collages, using a glue stick and magazines for collage.  That worked really well too, but this is so much easier!  I also painted an acrylic painting using this as my study, and I'll post that one tomorrow.

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