Friday, January 30, 2015

Surprise! Day 31 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days!

"Wearing their Paintings"        11" x 11"            $145
First of all, let me explain why I did a 31st painting.  In the middle of this challenge, I painted a chicken painting instead of my figurative paintings, due to the guilt of that long overdue commission painting.  I knew that the chicken wouldn't fit in with all my other collection, so I promised myself that by the end, I would replace that painting.  I will be making a booklet (published by Blurb) of this series, so if you are interested, mail me a check for $30 (includes shipping) with your shipping address and email, and I will mail you a copy upon it's publication.  It usually takes about 3 weeks to publish.  My address is Karen Knutson, 8621 Coachman's Lane, Eden Prairie, MN 55347.

Now, a little about this painting.  I've always gotten a kick out of artists holding their full sheet paintings in front of themselves, because it looks like they are wearing their paintings.  So, this was so fun to do, and complete the background with a Frank Lloyd Wright look to it.  I'm hoping that the figures don't pop off the page right away.  I tried to make you see an abstract first and then, later, discover the figures.  By the way, this is me and a Florida friend, when I taught her how to paint in acrylics for the first time. It brings back such fond memories!


  1. Congrats on surviving the challenge. I enjoyed everyone of your posts. I think this one is so funny and really does capture a slice of workshops. What a great idea for you to paint. Hope to see you in a future workshop.

  2. I love your story of this - what a dedicated artist you are. Fun that it is of you and your buddy. Love the movement created - the color pops and the figures don't - a great successful one!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I removed your second comment, Pattie, since it was a duplicate of the first one. Don't know how that happened. Thanks so much for your comments!

  4. Your work has wowed me every day, I have really enjoyed visiting your blog (and will come again) to see each new painting. Love day 31 too, it is so perfect!

  5. Awesome! Congratulations on a superb month Karen!

  6. I love it! This was a great series! I have quite a few favorites. I love the idea of 30 paintings in 30 days. Not sure that I have the discipline to stick to it though.

  7. I've just discovered your blog. Can't wait to sit down and read read read. Your art is incredible and you are inspiring - Thanks for sharing!



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