Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Drawing Challenge, Day 25

Today's assignment was to draw something in an unusual format.  I chose long and narrow, since my sculpture is tall and thin too.  I ran out of room on my 5" x 7" page, so she's a bit shorter than I wanted.  But you ignited a new series for me, Kathie George!  I think I will do many funky women in this long format on canvases.  I have 3 canvases that are size 30" x 40", but that may not be thin enough.  Food for thought.  The image that I drew today is one of my favorite sculptures by a local Minneapolis artist, Krissy Catt.  I am fortunate to own 2 of her sculptures and I really LOVE them! Below is a photo of the real sculpture.
So, those of you who joined me for the Healthy Food Challenge, Wednesdays are our weigh in day.  Are you ready?  How did you do this past week?  I would rate myself about a C+.  Still ate a couple of protein bars (processed food) and didn't exercise.  BUT, I made pretty good food choices, even with being out of town for 4 days. Make today a good day, everyone!  Take a walk, or just move more in your house, if it's too cold outside.  I like to walk in the Malls too, but that can cost you, if you stop in at a store!  :)

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  1. Karen, tall and thin is good, I like your drawing,too. I can 't get my photo to upload, the symbol just keeps spinning, any ideas on that?



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