Monday, March 10, 2014

30 Day Drawing Challenge

Sorry I've been missing lately.  I've been teaching in Arizona for 2 weeks, and then, right afterwards, in Florida.  So, one month's time gone just like that!  I loved both workshops, and really made some lasting friendships in both!   More about that later.  Right now, I think I should tell you about the new 30 Day Challenge that I've been doing!  This one was offered from Kathie George, an artist friend who I really respect.  It's a drawing challenge, and I thought maybe that I could keep up with it. She promised it would only take 10 minutes each day.  Kathie, I'm holding you to that!  So far, so good. Kathie's lessons, as well as challenges are very good.  Check it out by clicking on her name link above.  The first thing that she had us do was to draw our shoe.  No instruction, just do it NOW.  So, I looked down at my shoe, while on the plane, and drew it.  Lucky I didn't trip someone as I stuck my foot out in the aisle.  :)  (First drawing on the top left).  All I could think while doing it, was that I wished that I was wearing high heels, or at least prettier shoes.  Then, on Day 2, we did the same shoe again, but this time, using contour drawing.  Much more interesting, I think.  We are now learning how to see negative shapes, and really study the objects before drawing.  I actually think my drawing skills will improve by the end of the 30 days.  I've learned a lot!  These are the first 9 drawings.  I lost one of the first 10, but hoping that it will turn up once I get all unpacked from my Florida trip.  :)

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