Friday, January 24, 2014

Day 24 of "30 Paintings in 30 Days"

"The Hen Pecker"  $145   watercolor and collage  (11" x 11" image)
Chickens have always fascinated me.  They have so many expressions that make them almost human.  I almost named this one, "Say what?"  but decided at the last minute that she is a bit of a nag, so I named it, "The Hen Pecker".  Tomorrow's painting is a rooster, so be sure to check back to see the companion piece for this one.  I love the feathers of this chicken.   I took this photo at a farm in Minnesota, where they had a big old truck that they had transformed into a flower garden.  Really cool place!   Wish I knew the breed of this chicken.   I'll bet my friend, Sarah Rosedahl would know. She wrote a whole book about chickens.  Click here to see it!


  1. Love her! Can't wait to see the rooster!

  2. Wonderful and expressive tilt of her head! She looks quite mischievous!

  3. Can't wait till tomorrow to see the guy that will fall for this "hen pecker"!! Great job-I love chickens too!

  4. This piecfe is very bold. The colors are very popping. I especially love the contrast of the black design with the green color in the background. Outstanding work.



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