Monday, January 13, 2014

30 Paintings in 30 Days: Day 13

"Friends Forever"   11" x 11" image   (mixed media)    $125
Yesterday, I hit a wall.  And I really had many life lessons in the process.  A good friend called after reading yesterday's post, and encouraged me to do what I love!  Make it fun again!  And I thought all day about deadlines, and changes.  I went to get a new cell phone and told the manager that I was really phobic about losing data from my old phone.  She told me that she used to be that way too, but now, is all about minimizing "stuff" in her life.  When it really comes down to it, what's most important?  Our family and our friends!  So, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted, and I painted a simple painting and I really enjoyed doing it!!! Yay!!   I used many deli papers that I had collaged earlier for the background.  I learned this from the Anne Bagby DVD, which is one of my favorite DVD's!  What a blast it is to make all of these papers!  I used the design from one of my 30 minute sketches that I had done many years ago.  Anyway, the moral of this story is to "do what you LOVE", and life will be good!  :)


  1. I love these bird paintings you are doing - and your blog post is so very close to what I have been thinking (ruminating?) about these last few days where the feeling of being overwhelmed with... well, details and deadlines. In a quest for a simpler more zen-like existence I wonder which details and clutter need to be dismissed so that I can re-capture the fun of painting - and of lots of other things like reading a novel, going to the theatre, and enjoying a good film. So I just decided to dismiss the concern about adding "one more painting" or "30 more paintings" to the pile - and to just focus on being present to doing what I love. And so, I'm back to painting today and focusing on my right to love it. I'm grateful - for your blog posts and for your very inspiring paintings.

  2. Your post really hit home with me too! I can get so caught up in getting things done that I forget to enjoy the process.
    Thanks for the great reminder and another great bird painting!

  3. I see now why you responded to my blog post! You also have the whimsy gene! Love your work. It's very hard for me to do what you do… and believe me, I've tried.

    1. Yes, I love busy shapes within artwork. Like Gustav Klimt, one of my favorite artists.

  4. Great colors, design and subject matter. I believe this is my first visit to your blog. Great title and I will be back!

  5. This is a really cool pair in silhouette! So glad to hear you got over your funk. It certainly never hurts to remind ourselves what is important and why we make our choices. :)



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