Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 6- 30 paintings in 30 Days!

"Hot to Trot"
This was fun to paint from start to finish.  Some days are just like that!  I had a design sketch to work from that I had done in October of 2011.  I've actually got 3 huge sketch books full of design sketches.  My husband asked me last night if I was concerned about running out of ideas for the 30 in 30 challenge, since I committed to having them be people paintings.  OMG, I said, I could paint from now till the end of the year, and still have more ideas!  I think that is because the design sketches stretched my imagination so much.  I can't recommend that any higher!  This painting is image 14" x 14", and will be matted to be size 20" x 20" and is available for $600.  I plan to enter it in the Transparent Watercolor Society Show this year.  Wonder if the judges will like my Crazy Lady?


  1. Karen -I like it! is this referencing the Columbia Valley (WA State) 14 Hands Hot to Trot wine??? ;)

  2. I don't know about the Hot to Trot wine, but that works for me! I just like that saying. Maybe it's too old for you, Heather? Showing my age again. Glad you like my painting!

  3. Karen. the transparent qualities acheive by layering are delightful; ellen



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